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Zuzana Z., Anetta Keys

Hot Legs & Feet presents: , I know it's been a while. I took some time to travel before the weather got to bad, but it ended up being one of those vacations that I wish I had never had. I broke up with my long time boyfriend for cheating on me. I caught him fucking one of the maids not once but twice, two different maids at two different hotels. We had been together forever and for a long time, I haven't wanted to be with ... show more

anyone for a while. But lately my pussy has been crying out, needing to be touched by someone other than myself. I called one of my old girlfriends Suzanne she and her boyfriend had broken up too, she told me that since then she's only been with girls and then we decided to get together for some fun. Susanne and I were both on the bed up on our knees she picked up the white chocolate pump and we took off the wrapping, we started licking it all over, the chocolate was soft and very sweet it tasted and felt good on my tongue. Suzanne got into doggy and I took the chocolate pump and started rubbing it al over her sexy round ass, Suzanne lifted her foot from behind and started rubbing it up and down on my eager puss. I took a bite of Chocolate and gave Suzanne a taste then I dripped the creamy filling on her ass and slowly licked it up. I spread the creamy filling up the back of her leg then licking from her calf working my way up. I grabbed Suzanne's foot and creamed her sexy little toes then I sucked them 1 by 1 then I spread chocolate on the bottom of her foot and licked and sucked her foot. Suzanne got up on her knees and I took off her bra and started rubbing and playing with her tits from behind then I reached down and picked up the shoe and we started licking and sucking all over. I rubbing the shoe on her tits, quickly getting a rise out of her nipples then I laid down on my side and Suzanne grabbed my foot and started licking and sucking on my toes, I had the chocolate pump and was licking it all over then I laid on my back and spread my legs wide open, Suzanne grabbed my other foot and started licking it all over then she started fingering and sucking my toes. Suzanne reached over and took a chocolate truffle from inside the shoe and then put it right between my toes, then she teasingly licked and kissed at them both as I raised my other leg and started rubbing my foot on her tits, teasing her nipples with my toes. Suzie took my other foot in hand and started sucking on them both as I continued licking all over the chocolate pump. Suzanne came over to me and we started kissing, I pulled down my bra strap and then she took off my bra. She licked at my nipple then we both started licking the chocolate shoe, I began rubbing and playing with my tits as Suzanne ran the pump down my body. The heel snapped off, she was being a bit rough but we just kept right on going, I took the broken heel and toyed with it on my nips as Suzanne started licking her way up my body. I got up and into Doggy and Suzanne got on her knees just behind me, I lifted my foot and started rubbing it on her pussy, it was soft and warm and starting then feel a little damp. I got up on my knees and Suzanne pulled my panties down then she started licking my ass all over, I sat down to take my panties off and then I laid down on my side. Suzanne grabbed a piece of chocolate and spread it on the bottom of my foot and toes then she began licking and sucking my foot and toes as she made nasty sounds. It's been so long since anyone else has touched me, and she was doing every thing just right. I grabbed my other foot and lifted it up to my mouth then I started licking at my toes, Suzanne was still doing her nasty best licking and sucking on my others. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs high and Suzanne continued licking and sucking on my feet, she opened her mouth wide sticking half my foot inside then licking the bottoms like a good little girl. I sat up and pulled Suzanne's panties down then I laid back down and she got on top, she leaned forward and started licking my pussy, my snatch was over due for a licking from a tongue. She licked my eager and horny twat all over as I licked and sucked on her toes. Suzanne came down in front of me picking up right where she left off licking my snatch from the bottom up and sucking on my big happy clit. Suzanne laid down and I grabbed her foot, holding it up and started rubbing her leg up and down, licking and sucking her cute little toes then spreading chocolate all over them and then licking and sucking them some more. I spread her legs wide and began licking all around her hole and up and down her wetting pink slot. I took a bite of chocolate then smeared it on her puss then I went back to licking her all over. I removed my tongue from her chocolate flavored snatch and laid back down, Suzanne grabbed my foot and started licking and slobbering up my toes then I raised her foot up to my mouth and started doing the same. I took my foot and rubbed it on her pussy, teasing her clit with my toes and she did the same rubbing her foot up and down my horny wet pussy. Suzanne grabbed the pump and dumped the truffles out then she tried to stuff my foot inside. Needless to say the shoe didn't survive, we licked one of the broken pieces and then we started to kiss. I lifted my foot and together we licked and sucked my toes then we laid on our backs and rubbed our cunts and licked and sucked on our toes.

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Zuzana Z., Anetta Keys in Hi Boy’s it’s me Aneta Keys